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A patent is a powerful tool that can help to protect your invention and earn an equitable return on its commercialization, but finding the right attorney may prove difficult. When searching for the “best patent attorney near me,” make sure those attorneys on offer provide the key fundamentals needed to help you secure a defensible patent and patent strategy. To get more information about patents, visit the top denver patent law firms.

Patents Facts

First come, first served:

In the United States, a patent on an idea or invention will be granted to the first inventor who files a patent application. You risk losing your patent rights if you are not the first to file. There are many top denver patent law firms there to know its facts and learn more details.

The Clock is Ticking:

You lose your patent rights if you do not submit a U.S. Patent Application within 12 months after public disclosure (such as sharing your concept with others) or within 12 months of offering your invention for sale.

Patent Attorneys

A Provisional Patent Is a Good Place to Begin:

It is inexpensive and an important takeaway from these seven truths. A provisional application guarantees your priority date (your place in line) to patent rights while you develop, promote, and fund your concept. It ensures that no one beats you to the patent office.

Virtual Patent Marking Makes Things Easy:

Recent modifications to our patent rules allow for a Virtual Patent Marking. It implies that you may use the internet to notify the public about your patent rights. If done correctly, you complete your notice and relieve yourself of the stress of continually monitoring and alerting your rivals one at a time.

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