From Vision to Reality: Exploring the Success of the Cabarrus Regional Partnership


The formation of the Cabarrus Regional Partnership was driven by a shared vision to transform Cabarrus County into a premier business destination. Recognizing the need for a coordinated approach to economic development, community leaders and businesses joined forces to establish the cabarrus regional partnership. The vision was clear: to attract high-quality businesses, create jobs, and enhance residents’ overall quality of life.

Economic Development Strategies

Attracting New Businesses

The CRP actively attracts new businesses to Cabarrus County by showcasing its strategic location, skilled workforce, and business-friendly environment. The cabarrus regional partnership successfully generates leads and attracts companies from various industries by conducting targeted marketing campaigns, participating in industry trade shows, and maintaining strong relationships with site selection consultants.

Supporting Existing Businesses

While attracting new businesses is essential, the CRP also recognizes the importance of supporting existing businesses in the region. Through various programs and initiatives, such as business retention visits, workforce training grants, and access to capital, the CRP provides the necessary resources and support to help local businesses thrive and grow.

Workforce Development

A skilled workforce is crucial for attracting and retaining businesses. The CRP collaborates with educational institutions, workforce development agencies, and local employers to ensure a steady talent pipeline. The CRP plays a pivotal role in strengthening the region’s workforce by identifying skills gaps, offering training programs, and promoting career opportunities.

Infrastructure and Transportation

The Cabarrus Regional Partnership understands that robust infrastructure and efficient transportation networks are vital for economic growth. The CRP actively advocates for infrastructure improvements, including road expansions, utility upgrades, and the development of industrial sites. By working closely with government entities and private partners, the CRP helps create an infrastructure framework that supports business growth and enhances connectivity.


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